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Sacks ‘n Slacks: Back Pocket Wisdom of Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z’l

I wanted to do something to mark the second yahrzeit of Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z’l. He was an unmatched intellect who had a huge impact of Jewish life and world. How do we get another generation to engage with his wisdom? While I know it does not do justice to the depths of his thinking, but I wanted to literally put his wisdom in their back pocket. So I share with you a draft of Sacks ‘n Slacks: Back Pocket Wisdom of Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z’l. Yes, I know this is childish and I would like to offer it to children. Print it out and enjoy. Here is how you fold it.

To join the global conversation in memory of Rabbi Sacks go to his website

May the memory of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks zt”l be for a blessing. In learning his wisdom we enter into the conversation and his impact is sustained.

Over the years I have made a few of these back pocket resources. Here is the form of one of these Back Pocket Booklets. If you have ideas for this or other volumes of back pocket Jewish wisdom please be in touch


Backpocket Jewish Wisdom

So there are campers down at the pool and the life guard is not there yet. What do you expect the counselor to do? At one level we would just be thrilled if the campers do not drown. On another level we do not want to waste a moment. So your stellar counselor starts them off on a group activity or improv game. This shtick is the bread and butter of camp. But would we give our counselors an A+ for this?

  • In these interstitial moments we build group dynamics, the bunk forms, and most importantly we have fun. While there is no doubt we should not overthink having fun, what would it look like to use these moments to have meaningful Jewish moments of reflection? This seemed like a fitting question for the Backpocket Education’s blog.

To this end I wanted to share ImProverbs . It is a low cost guide to Jewish wisdom that every counselor can have in their back pocket. ImProverbs is a playful mashup of form (see folding instructions below) and content (lessons on being a Mensch).  The idea of a mashup of Proverbs and improv comes from Danny Messenger, a friend from Camp.  I imagine you might have comments or suggestions regarding the content or other uses for the form. Please send either or both to Rabbi Avi Katz Orlow at



And the best part is if they lose it in the pool, no worries, just make another photocopy.

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