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A Prayer for Freedom

This morning my mother went in for her second major surgery to deal with her debilitating back pain. Last night I told my children to keep Oma (my mother) in their prayers. Tonight when I was putting Yadid our seven-year-old to sleep I asked him if he remembered to keep her in his prayers. He said yes. I was pleased, but I was still curious so I asked him to tell me how. He said, “Abba, you know how I usually say ben chorin [the blessing thanking God for making someone a free man] well this morning I said bat chorin [free woman]for Oma. How do you say Oma in Hebrew?” I told him that Savta is Hebrew for grandmother. Yadid said, ” Ok, so tomorrow I will add that in. Savta Chorin.”

Yadid is a very special child. What a perfect blend of knowledge, creativity, and empathy? I feel very grateful for many things in my life. Our family’s choice as to where to send our children to school is no small one. Yadid is getting a great education at the Carmel Academy.  Yadid is not just learning the prayers, but how to pray. His synthetic mind in flourishing there.

I  hope that we all experience freedom as we prepare for Passover. And obviously, I ask you to join Yadid in prayer so that my mother should be free from the pain that ails her. Please keep her in your prayers- Chava bat Rut.

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