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Rose Bud and Thorn

Every week at our Friday night Shabbat dinner table we go around the whole family sharing our “rose, bud, and thorn” from the week.  This was a tough week with a lot of thorns. It started with a family visit to my mother in Philadelphia. She has been sick so it was important for all of us to spend time with her. While there it was clear that Libi had come down with something. On Monday we came back from Philly to find out that Jessica our Au Pair who had gone home to Mexico for vacation was not allowed back into the country despite all of the work in advance to ensure that this would not be an issue. Libi was still sick so Adina stayed home with her on Tuesday. In the morning she called the doctor to get them to take a look at Libi. I got an emergency call from Adina after the doctor’s appointment that I needed to come back to be with the other children because she needed to take Libi to the hospital. I dropped everything and ran home. It was gross and raining. Right when I got home Adina ran out with Libi. Soon after I realized that the roof was leaking and I just had to laugh.

Adina spent the night in the emergency room with Libi. I came to relieve Adina Wednesday morning. In the afternoon I got a call from Yadid. He convinced the office to let him call because he wanted to know how his sister was doing. Wow that was so sweet. But then he pressed me and asked, ” Abba I am glad that she is doing better, did she get better around 9 this morning?” When I asked why he explained that spent 30 minutes prayer for her health that morning. Wow- Yadid is a Tzadik. We must be doing something right with our children. This is clearly my rose from the week.

I just got home 20 minutes ago with Libi from the hospital. Her full recovery is my bud for the coming week. Having a full week has reminded me to appreciate the entire flower of life. Shabbat Shalom




Libi Frydman Orlow

Adina and I had been discussing and deliberating having a fourth for a few years. The events in Israel this past summer shifted the conversation and nine months later, Adina and I are humbled by and in awe of the birth of our fourth child, Libi Frydman Orlow. She is a miracle just like the rest of the fOuRLOWs and we are confident that our Libi is every bit as amazing as her sister and two brothers. Seeing that she was born out of our concern for Israel and the future of the Jewish people we found it fitting to name her Libi ( pronounced Lee Bee) after the first line of  Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi‘s Songs for Zion, he wrote, “My heart in the East and I at the farthest West.” Later on in the poem he writes:

Zion, do you ask if the captives are at peace— the few that are left?

I cry out like the jackals when I think of their grief;

but, dreaming of the end of their captivity,

I am like a harp for your songs.

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Adina and I dream of the end of our captivity and the sustained safety of the Jewish people. We sincerely hope that our Libi will be an instrument of our national song. We are excited to see the impact she makes on the world.

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