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Purim in Verse

For Mishloach Manot this year Adina got sauce and pasta and I got colanders to give to people. Here is a poem I wrote for it:

Purim in Verse

The Megilah gets terse

When you put it into verse

Esther found when almost all was lost

To save her people might come at an extreme cost

All the Jews united and did not eat

She mustered the courage and did the king meet

In the end Haman was hoisted by his own petard

Thus revealing a divine plan and the holy word of god.

And throughout Persia the Jews found peace.

And the viceroy Mordecai loved Queen Esther his niece *

Just as Oedipus Rex loved his mother Jocasta.

From all of us to you, we hope you enjoy the pasta

* The Megilah says, “And he adopted Haddasah, i.e., Esther…and when her mother and father died, Mordecai took her to him as a daughter.” (Esther 2) Was she his niece, daughter, or wife? “Took her to him” is always used in the Torah to refer to marriage. The terms “sister” and “daughter” are common expressions of endearment, as we see in other places  (e.g., Ruth 2:8, Shir Hashirim 4:9,and  Shabbat 13b). That makes the story that much more twisted in that Mordecai is not only her uncle and husband but also Esther’s pimp. Also see Thomas Mann’s The Blood of the Walsungs

What else rhymes with pasta?

Purim Sameakh-The Frydman Orlows


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