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The Bread of Affliction

So like most weeks I get some random person friending me on Facebook who I do not know. Today was no different. Today’s person and I  clearly have some people in common, but I had never met this person. As is my custom I wanted to write this person to see how we might connect before I deciding to accept their offer of being friends. Unable to find a way to e-mail the person I started looking through her profile. She clearly is some sort of academic or writer in Germany. Still an able to find a way to contact her I started looking at her pictures.  Below is one that I found.

I could not believe my eyes. Could this actually be what I think it is? As we are all preparing to burn all of the Chametz out of our lives and commemorate our national story of liberation, there it is a Swastichallah . Yes the two great tastes that taste great together; a Challah and a Swastika. The symbol of Jewish oppression manifest in the Nazi Party made out of Challah, a symbol of Jewish life. It seemed only fitting to share this with you today.

So as we get ready for Passover, we can all have a new image of the bread of affliction. If you did not see it you would never believe it. Have a Chag Kasher V’Sameakh. Have a wonderfully liberating holiday free from Chametz and hatred.


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