In the Dark

Two Shabbatot ago our boys  Yadid and Yishama were fighting. My wife Adina hopped into action ans separated them. She sent Yishama into the bathroom and Yadid into the kids’ bedroom for a timeout. I went into to see how Yadid was doing only to find him crying under his blanket in the dark. While I remembered to shut off the light in their room for Shabbat, I forgot to turn on the night-light. I asked Yadid how he was doing and he turned to me and said, ” Abba, I feel like I am in Egypt.”

I was take aback, Yadid smiled knowingly. I was worried that Yadid would connect to the 10th plague in that he too is the first-born. But, to a six-year-old, the greatest fear is actually having to be in the dark. I am moved by his  strong sense of empathy. I am reminded how callous I have come to the story of Passover, I hope we all have a very liberating Passover in which we can connect in our own way.


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