Contemporary Pages of Talmud:

Exploring the Ideas of Machloket, Bat Kol, and Who’s Voices Count

In Memory of Arik Einstein z”l

The Connection between Rav Nachman and Franz Kafka

Hannah Szenes’s Eli Eli and Tisha B’Av

Leah Goldberg’s Pine and the Landscape of Israel 

 Möbius Torah

Image result for mobius strip

Please tell me other texts you would like to in a contemporary pages of Talmud.


Some of the things I have written:

What is Excellent Experiential Jewish Education?

What makes Experiential Education Special?

  • Article from Purim in NATE Now on a Hidden Ingredient of Experiential Jewish education printable  version Hidden Ingredient

Lessons Learned from Disneyland

A Fun Jewish adaptation of Footprints in the Sand by Mary Stevenson

From Mediocre to Mitzuyan: Torah Talking Points for Camp Leadership



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