New Vocabulary Word

Our three children sleep in the same room.  Adina and I were putting the kids down a few weeks ago. Emunah was already asleep. Adina was lying with Yishama and I was climbing into bed with Yadid when I stubbed my toe. I wanted to scream in pain, but out of fear of waking Emunah I let out a muffled whimper. Adina laughed. Without missed a beat, Yishama, our 4-year-old, said ,”Mami is Schadenfreuding Abba”. There was no way to respond.

We have used the word Schadenfreude around him, but we surely never as a verb. So much is going on in that little brain of his. Parenting is a gift. We learn new things all the time. Well, in the Orlow- Frydman household we have a new word.


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