Acquiring Torah

This week we start reading the book of Numbers.  In Hebrew, the book is Bemidbar, the wilderness. We learn in the Midrash,

There are three ways to acquire Torah, with Fire, with Water, and with Wilderness. (Midrash Numbers Rabbah 1:1)

The midrash could be understood to mean that we acquire Torah through passion (fire), the immersion (water), and through a long trek through the unknown (the wilderness).  This next month with bring us Shavuot (the fire of Torah),  many children having immersive Jewish experiences at  camp (passing their swim tests), and the many trials and tribulations of the Israelites wanderings in the wilderness ( as we read the book of Numbers).

On Shavuot we will celebrate the receiving of the Torah. While the event happened a long long time ago, we get to acquire  it anew every time it comes around again on the guitar, in harmony and with feeling.

Hag Sameakh-


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