Lean on Me

Our daughter Emunah turned one recently and  she is walking up a storm.  I am completely biased, but she is just super cuddly. Recently she has taken to leaning up against me when I am near her. It is amazing to me that she can just throw her weight back and expect that my leg will be there to support her.  She fell once and I thought that would be the end of this, but she is right back at it. This made me reflect on the song Anachnu Ma’aminim- We Are Believers:

Anachnu ma’aminim bnei ma’aminim
ve’ein lanu al mi lehisha’en
ela ela al avinu
avinu shebashamaim 

Yisrael Yisrael
betach b’hashem
ezram umeginam hu


We are believers, children of believers
and we have none (else) to rely on
but but on our father
our father in heaven 

Israel Israel
believed in The Lord
for He is your aid and your protection


“Lehisha’en” is translated as “to rely on”, but it might just as well be translated as ” to lean on”.  I thought of this as my daughter Emunah, who’s name is not to be translated as “Faith”, went back to leaning on my leg. Often in my life claiming faith has been complicated.  In light of this fact I really enjoyed “Grilled Cheesus” a recent episode of Glee. But in so many ways having Emunah in my life makes it easy for me. 


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