Thin Line

I recently did something “stu- stu”- my childrens’ code word for stupid. When I apologized for my behavior, that person who I had wronged wrote “:) u walk a thin line between a genius and an idiot.” How true? The line between brilliance and stupidity are very fine. True genius comes from combining things in new ways, but do it too much and you are just “stu-stu”. What  is that fine line?

That reminded me of one of favorite quotes:

The true way leads along a tight-rope, which is not stretched aloft but just above the ground. It seems designed more to trip one than to be walked along.
Franz Kafka (The Great Wall of China)

Ah, the foibles of our reality.  More often then not, my most interesting thoughts  are just dumb luck. I often stumble into innovation.


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