Push The Button

Yishama our son just finished Kindergarten a couple of days ago. I got the following e-mail from Maya the mother of Ella  who is in his class. And yes, Yishama and Ella have been dating all year-long. Maya wrote:

A few weeks ago I saw Yishama and he asked me, “Do you know Ella has a button? Do you want to see how it works?”  Of course I was keen!  So, he proceeded to push his finger gently on Ella’s cheek and she immediately hugged him!  Ella said, “It’s a hug button, so when Yishama presses it I know he wants me to hug him.”  It was SO cute!!!!  I really hope they are in the same class next year…

We expect a lot from day school. We expect them to teach our children reading, writing, math, science, Hebrew, Jewish history, liturgy etc. And when you get a story like this, you just have to pause and realize how important it is to socialize our children. How would this world look if people had “hug buttons”? And even if we had them, would we be too proud to press them? We all need to learn how to share affection better.  I have so much to learn from Yishama and Ella. And yes, I have to admit that there is part of me that is keen to see the unfolding of the “…”.


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