Haipu Poetry: Having Fun with Libi’s Poop

The other day I was walking with Yishama and we got to talking about Haiku poetry and his sister’s bowel movements. And just like that we came up with  Haipu poetry. It seemed only fitting to share some of what we came up with here. I am confident that years from now Libi will enjoy our artistic representations of her poop. Please feel free to send in your own Haipu.

Slow to get started
rumbles toward the take off
launch right up the back

Curved to straighten
arching aqueducts of Rome
gushing out something

Not old and faithful
predictable attraction
sprays all visitors

Simmering all night
not a bouillon broth or bisque
split pee soup for all

For more on poop, please check out Shawn Shafner’s People’s Own Organic Power (POOP) Project which uses art, education, and humor to promote critical conversations about sustainable sanitation for the person, planet, and world community. The POOP Project is dedicated to creating work that heals the cultural shame making “potty talk” taboo, transforms waste-making consumers into resource-conscious creators, and reconnects audiences to their bodies, communities, and the environment that we all share. Pretty cool shit.



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