Ushpizin and Ushpizot: Leah Goldberg in the Sukkah

We have arrived at the Shabbat of Sukkot and weather permitting we will eat Shabbat dinner tonight in the Sukkah. Like every other night of Sukkot we will do the Ushpizin. This is a custom originating with Lurianic Kabbalah is to “invite” one of seven “exalted guests” into the sukkah. Traditionally these ushpizin represent the seven shepherds of Israel: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph and David. Each of the ushpizin has a unique lesson which teaches the parallels of the spiritual focus of the day on which they visit. A special thank you goes to Meir Balofsky for sharing this timely and timeless¬† picture.

A more modern tradition is to invite the Ushpizot:Sarah, Miriam, Deborah, Avigail, Hannah, Huldah, and Esther who are the seven female biblical prophetesses. There are scores of other lists of people who people have opted to “invite” into their lives over Sukkot.

Dov Abramson a graphic designer in Jerusalem put out another take on Ushpizot. From Ancient to contemporary he made 22 posters for people to “invite” voices from our past into today’s Sukkah. It is awesome check it out.

As you can see here, one of the Ushpizot that Dov Abramson made was of the poetess Leah Goldberg. In honor of Sukkot, I wanted to offer another way to invite her into your Sukkah. With the help of my friend and colleague Sholom Orzach we created a contemporary page of Talmud exploring the poem “Pine” by Leah Goldberg.¬† The question for all of us to consider as we enjoy Sukkot is what of or who from our past do we hope to be in conversation. Please enjoy Landscapes of Israel and have a Chag Sameakh and a Shabbat Shalom.

Other pages of Contemporary Talmud


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