Insecurity President : Insides, Outsides, and Terumah

As we see in Terumah, this week’s Torah portion, when our ancestors first built the ark that held the Tablets they were instructed to cover it with gold on the outside, and on the inside. (Exodus 25:11) Surely, a vessel that is meant to house the Ten Commandments should be adorned with gold on the outside, but why cover it with gold on the inside as well? This seems like a waste of gold.
On this topic  learn in the Talmud:
The verse states concerning the Ark: “From within and from without you shall cover it” (Exodus 25:11). Rava said: This alludes to the idea that any Torah scholar whose inside is not like his outside, i.e., whose outward expression of righteousness is insincere, is not to be considered a Torah scholar. Abaye said, and some say it was Rabba bar Ulla who said: Not only is such a person not to be considered a Torah scholar, but he is called loathsome, as it is stated: “What then of one loathsome and foul, man who drinks iniquity like water” (Job 15:16). Although he drinks the Torah like water, since he sins, his Torah is considered iniquitous and this makes him loathsome and foul. (Yoma 72b)

I was thinking about this when reading a recent article indicating that President Trump has suggested that anti-Semitic threats across U.S. are coming from within Jewish community. He claimed that these treats and acts of terror are being done by Jews against Jews to make certain people ( his alt right base) look bad. This “false flag” claim is crazy, destructive, and deeply disturbing.
Obviously this claim like many other  things that Trump has claimed is simply a lie, but imagine for a second that were true. Even imaging this reminds me of situation that plays out with my children regularly.  Emunah, who is 7, cries to me that her brother called her stupid. I reply, ” Well, that is not nice, but are you stupid?” Emunah say, ” No”. I reply, ” Than who cares what he called you? Ignore him.” If her insides are not what he claims to be her outsides, who cares? If she knows who she is in a deep way she can deal with any  insecurity.
The forces of hatred in this country are stupid. If they look bad, it is not our fault. Their insides are just evil.  Despite all of his efforts to cover them and himself with gold, sadly Trump’s presidency is all about the emptiness of that inner box. Trump got his base behind him under promise of him being the security president. Trump alone was going to protect us from the international forces of evil. Trump alone was going to build a wall to secure our boarders from evil immigrants. Trump alone was going to round-up the “bad hombres” to secure us from within. And all of this is lie. What has he done to deal with these domestic security issues accept blame the victim?  Trump’s security issue is actually just his own personal security issue. Not everything is personal attack that needs him to take to twitter or worse the nuclear codes to strike back. Trump alone needs to deal with his insecurity issue.

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