Shama Llama: Yadid’s Poem for Yishama’s Bar Mitzvah

Yadid’s Poem that he delivered on the occasion of Yishama’s Becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Shama Llama
First the OG, then the Remix
You were born in 2006
Next to the arch, Saint Louis
Suddenly, New York, a city of bricks

once you were a fetus
Now you are a genius
Sleepless that’s your weakness
Allergic to tree nuts

Sudden, you grew up
Sprouting like a tulip
Your hair blew up
Tying your shoe up
Sure not to screw up
Shots you threw up
Next one queued up
Fancy moves brewed up
Opponents you chewed up
Rising, bro you up
Being a proud Jew, yup
Deaf to hate spewed up
Never feeling used up
Cause when you shoot up
Haters know they screwed up
Bro you still goof up
But when you cued up
You ready to swoop up
Never a crude shlump
Never stop, bro speed up

Not a preteen
now thirteen
A living meme
To fast, unseen
You use gasoline?
Handles supreme

I aspire to be you, Shama
Never causing drama
A leader, like Obama
Handles a diorama
A creator, like Brahma
Wild hair, like a llama
Acting like your in nirvana
I’m a panda, your an iguana

I am so proud of my children.


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