A Model of Resilience

We are living through tumultuous times. This is having a huge impact on our personal and professional lives. Often I have found myself reflecting on the wisdom of Simon Sinek. I really enjoyed this last book, The Infinite Game. There he writes:

Traditional competition forces us to take on an attitude of winning. A Worthy Rival inspires us to take on an attitude of improvement. The former focuses our attention on the outcome, the latter focuses our attention on process. That simple shift in perspective immediately changes how we see our own businesses. It is the focus on process and constant improvement that helps reveal new skills and boosts resilience. An excessive focus on beating our competition not only gets exhausting over time, it can actually stifle innovation.

How are we building our companies, organizations, and communities to be resilient?

I was thinking about this question when reading Bamidbar, this week’s Torah portion. When the people broke camp, the three Levite clans dismantled and transported the Sanctuary, and reassembled it at the center of the next encampment.

They then erected their own tents and other around it in a very specific order. From here we see they needed to organize for modularity, mobility and order. These are critical features of being resilient. You have to know what is movable and flexible as compared to what order and structure you need.

Important lessons during these difficult times.


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